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Funeral Planning

Please use the form below to assist you in planning the funeral liturgy (audio files to most selections are hyperlinked). Other hymns and readings may be selected, subject to availability of music and approval. Non-religious songs are not permitted during the Mass - if you have a favorite pop song, etc., ask your funeral home about other opportunities to have it played (at the wake, gravesite, or reception).

To arrange a meeting in person or by telephone, please contact me on my cell phone at (802) 287-1066, or by e-mail

Contact Information

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Decedent Information

Date Of Birth:
Date Of Death:
Date Of Funeral:
Time Of Funeral:
Link to Obituary: (if known)


Anticipated number of family members to process/enter from the meeting room: Officiant:
Officiant's Title and Parish:


  • The family will process with the Officiant from the rear of the church and be seated on the West side. (The Words Of Remembrance will follow the Entrance Hymn.)
  • The family will not process, will enter from the meeting room at the front of the church, and be seated on the East side. (The Words Of Remembrance will begin the Mass.)

    Words Of Remembrance (Eulogy, typically up to 5 minutes)

  • Presented by:      Relationship:
  • There will not be a presenter for the Words Of Remembrance.

    Entrance Hymn

    First Reading

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    Responsorial Psalm

    Second Reading

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    Gospel Acclamation

    Gospel Reading

    Prayer Of the Faithful

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    Please select five or six of the following petitions. (The first five are commonly used in this parish.)

    Gift Bearers

    Offertory Hymn

    Communion Hymn

    Communion Meditation

    Recessional Hymn

    Additional Instructions/Comments